Helen Mumford Sole - Merlin Field Trip to Liberia

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An excerpt from the Merlin-USA website 

Merlin specializes in health, saving lives in times of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health services.

How we work
Merlin works within existing health systems to realize everyone’s right to accessible, appropriate, affordable health care.

What we stand for
We are committed to helping build lasting health services which are used and championed by everyone.

We are specialists in rapid medical response and rebuilding health systems, effectively taking countries from emergency to recovery.

We are undaunted by the challenges of providing health care to vulnerable people living in the most difficult, forgotten and remote corners of the world.

We are determined to make health a global priority; giving people caught up in conflict, disaster and health system collapse the chance to lead healthy lives.

We care for people at risk, for the lives of the people we work to save, and for the safety of our staff. We are accountable to our patients, partners, supporters and donors. And we keep our promise: to stay on, beyond the crisis, for as long as we are needed. 



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